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Software Installation Rights

What Is This Service?

This service enables you to quickly and easily obtain temporary software installation rights for your computer. This allows you to install hardware or software that was not purchased from the CSU Computer shop but is required to support University business on your CSU owned computer.

What Is Included?

  • Ability to provision Software Installation Rights
  • Provision of installation rights for 2 hours
  • Ability to install hardware or software on a CSU owned computer

What should I expect?

Target availability of service 99% availability. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Support hours

Special access conditions

Available to all staff

Significant incident response 15 minutes in 98% of cases during support hours for incidents affecting availability of service
Significant Incident resolution Up to 2 business days in 98% of cases for incidents affecting availability of service

Installers rights are not to be used for installation of unauthorised and unlicensed software. You must be aware of any End User license Agreement associated with any software you install and ensure you adhere to it. The EULA is a legal contract between the manufacturer and/or the author and the end user of that application which details how the software can and cannot be used. Installation of unlicensed software is known as software piracy. Software piracy is an offence which carries significant penalties for both individuals and companies and includes fines and/or imprisonment. Detection of software piracy by DIT will result in disciplinary action being taken. You must not download and install software to your CSU computer unless you have purchased a licence which allows you to or you have verified that no licence is required (freeware, trial version etc). Individual staff who purchase software are responsible for keeping a record of the licence for audits and must ensure they continue to comply with the terms and conditions of the licence.

Any staff requiring software not listed on the CSU Computer Shop website should email the Computer Shop at to check if it can be obtained. The number of users of each software application is monitored and if there is enough demand site licensing or bulk purchasing can result in significant cost savings. Purchasing through the CSU Computer Shop provides the additional benefits of simplified procurement and correct licensing. You will be solely responsible for all files, data, applications or any other data stored on the C and D drives of your computer. DIT do not backup these locations. Some software applications may save your working files to these locations by default, it is your responsibility to maintain backups of these files in other locations (S: drive, removable media such as USB drive or CD) in case of hard drive failure.

How Do I Initiate This Service?

Go to Request Install rights

Enter your username and password when prompted. Read the conditions, enter the name of the software or hardware you wish to install and what you will be using it for, click Accept. Wait 15 minutes, log out of your computer and log back in and install the required software or hardware.

How Much Does It Cost?

The ability for staff to self provision software installation rights is funded by the University and provided at no additional cost.

How Do I Request Support For This Service?

DIT provide the ability to self provision Installers Rights, if you cannot access the page or the rights have not been granted after 30 minutes please contact the DIT Service Desk.

DIT do not provide any installation assistance, support for problems caused by the installation or training in the use of the newly installed software. If the software installation causes problems with the normal functioning of the computer the computer will have to be reimaged by DIT. This will return the computer to its Standard Operating Environment (SOE). Any additional hardware of software that was installed prior to the reimage will not be reinstalled by DIT, this will be your responsibility.