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Technical Support for Videoconference Classes

What Is This Service?

Videoconferencing technology at CSU enables Academics to deliver classes to students who are located at other campuses and other locations.

If there is a technical problem with a videoconference (eg equipment will not turn on, it does not start automatically, there is a problem after it has started or if students are unsure of how to operate certain facilities) there are support staff ready to assist.

There is a telephone in every videoconference teaching space which connects staff (and students) to the dedicated videoconference support hotline. The videoconference support line staff will resolve the issue over the phone in most cases and if required a videoconference support officer will be sent to your room to resolve a technical problem or provide you with a work around it until it can be resolved to minimise the disruption to your class.

What Is Included?

  • A telephone that connects to IT Service Desk allowing you to choose the videoconferencing support option in every videoconferencing teaching space
  • Support and resolution of videoconferencing issues
  • Provision of workaround to enable the class to continue if issue cannot be resolved quickly
  • Support and resolution of other technical problems that affect the delivery of the class

What should I expect?

Target availability of service A call for videoconference class support will be answered within 30 seconds in 98% of cases during support hour
Support hours
Special access conditions Available to all staff delivering lectures by videoconference and for the students in the videoconference class
Significant incident response Up to 3 minutes in 99% of cases
Significant Incident resolution Up to 15 minutes in 98% of cases

Videoconference support officers can be sent to the lecturer or the students to assist with issues at either or both ends.

How Do I Initiate This Service?

Pick up the telephone handset located at the front of the videoconference teaching space and select the videoconference support option when prompted. Be ready to provide your name, building number, room number and subject code when asked. Please provide a detailed description of the problem being experienced - when it started, what occurred prior to the problem starting, what you or the students are experiencing (eg cannot see or hear students, students cannot see my PowerPoint presentation etc)

How Much Does It Cost?

Access to dedicated videoconferencing support for classes is funded by the University and provided at no additional cost to staff.

The provision, maintenance and support of the technology that enables classes to be delivered by videoconference are funded by the University and are provided for use at no additional cost to staff.

Where Can I Find On Line Self Help or More Information?

If you don't need to access your P and S drives or don't want to login as yourself because you have a guest presenter you can use the .\avstore account. When you login with this account the IA client will prompt you for your username and password to enable access to the Internet. Do not enter your username and password here as it will save your details and anyone who logs in as avstore will be using your Internet account. Cancel the IA client prompt in the bottom right hand corner by clicking the X button and open Internet Explorer. When you open Internet Explorer it will redirect you to the IAS portal, enter your details here to login as it will only use them for this session.

Username: .\avstore Password: avstore

The username and password must be typed in lower case. The name of the computer must be selected in the Log Onto field (not CSUMain).  CSUMain is what must be selected when using your own username and password.

How Do I Request Support For This Service?

If you have further questions or need technical assistance after checking the online resources contact the IT Service Desk