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Wireless Network

What is this service?

Access to the university wireless network is available to staff, students and visitors at all CSU locations by connecting to the eduroam network.

eduroam is a global initiative where educational institutions agree to share access to their wireless networks with each other. You can also access the eduroam wireless network across many universities in Australia and overseas by logging on with your CSU username and password.

Our wireless network covers most university buildings and outdoor areas with over 1700 wireless access points including 50 positioned in outdoor areas to increase flexibility, productivity and convenience.

Staff may use university or personally owned wireless capable mobile devices to connect to the eduroam network and access the Internet. While CSU owned computers have direct access to all network resources, personally owned devices have the same access levels as off campus locations (e.g. Virtual Desktop to access P and S drives).

eduroam provides a secure connection to computers and devices that can support the required encryption (security) settings.

What should I expect?

Target availability of service 99% availability
Special access conditions Available to all staff with an active CSU account and a wireless capable device that supports the wireless standards 802.11g or 802.11n, 802.11ac and has a browser
Significant incident response 15 minutes in 99% of cases for incidents affecting availability of service for all staff (this does not include incidents affecting individuals or a small subset of staff)
Significant Incident resolution Up to 4 hours in 99% of cases for incidents affecting availability of service for all staff (this does not include incidents affecting individuals or a small subset of staff)

How do I initiate this service?

A wireless capable device with a web browser is needed to access the eduroam wireless network.

Connect to eduroam

  1. Choose eduroam from the list of available networks
  2. Enter your CSU staff username
  3. Enter your password and accept the certificate if prompted

You will now be connected to the internet.

Visitors - Using eduroam at CSU

  1. Select the eduroam SSID
  2. Enter the login and password as provided by your institution

For further help, please contact your home institution.

Staff computers are preconfigured to access the eduroam wireless network. Staff will need to enter their username and password when prompted to connect to the network.

Please note - the speed of your network connection will vary and is dependent upon many factors including:

  • distance from a wireless access point
  • number of people connected to the same access point as you
  • other wireless devices in close proximity.

Your device will choose a connection speed and type based on all the above factors as well as vendor specific criteria.

How much does it cost?

Provision, management and support of the eduroam wireless network is funded by the University and provided at no extra cost to staff.

How do I request support for this service? – connection advice and support

If you have further questions or need technical help after checking the online resources, contact the IT Service Desk