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CSU Replay

What is CSU Replay?

CSU Replay is an easy and effective way to create learning and teaching and non-learning and teaching content on demand. Content is created using equipment installed in teaching spaces, via software that can be installed on your computer or from video content that you already have.

CSU Replay allows you to:

  • record from your desk
  • reuse recordings
  • capture your lectures
  • use for student assignments
  • share via webcast

CSU Replay - Panopto

What is Panopto?

Panopto is the software that CSU Replay is using to provide recorded lecturers. It replaces Echo 360.

Panopto is being introduced due to the Echo System Server not being supported as of 31st December 2017.

How is Panopto different to Echo 360?

The new CSU Replay tool using Panopto is fully integrated in Interact2. This controls creation and access to recordings.

Panopto has extra features, including live streaming, automatic closed captions, global search across speech and PowerPoint slides, and more editing and capture features.

Are there any policies and guidelines for the use of CSU Replay?

There are CSU policies and guidelines that you must read and adhere to when using CSU Replay.

These policies and guidelines are accessible via the links below:

Academics are required to place a sign in the lecture theatre indicating that the lecture is being recorded. Academics are also asked to notify students verbally at the commencement of the lecture that the lecture is being recorded.

Users of CSU Replay should be aware that recordings may hold resources that contain images and voices of deceased persons which can cause sadness and distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and offend against strongly held cultural prohibitions. This material should be used with sensitivity. Queries or concerns regarding the appropriate use of Indigenous educational material should be directed to the Indigenous Curriculum and Pedagogy Coordinator in the Division of Learning & Teaching.

How do I turn on CSU Replay in my Interact2 site?

Image showing tool link in drop down menuThe CSU Replay tool will need to be added to your Interact2 course or Organisation site.

1. Ensure you are in Edit mode

2. Click the + sign in the top left of the screen

3. Click Tool Link

4. Type CSU Replay in the Name box

5. Choose Panopto Course Tool Application in the Type boxImage showing Panopto application option in drop down

6. Tick Available to users

7. Press Submit

8. Click on this newly added link in the left hand menu and press the Configure button

9. Press the Add Course to Panopto button

10. Press the OK button on the next screen

11. Press the Submit button to finish provisioning your CSU Replay course on the CSU Replay server

For more information, refer to the Using CSU Replay [.pdf] guide.

How do I schedule a recording in a teaching space?

Lectures need to be scheduled by the Division of Information Technology.

To request a lecture be recorded use the CSU Replay - Learning and Teaching Registration Form, allowing two business days for the form to be processed. You will be contacted when this has been completed.

Lectures can be recorded using either Interactive Video Teaching (IVT) rooms or the CSU Replay Remote Capture. Interactive Video Teaching (IVT) and CSU Replay recording options both capture audio and the information displayed on the projector in the room.

How do I check which recording method is being used?

Image of microphone

If it is an IVT room, the lecture will be captured using the video conferencing system. These rooms can be identified by the video conference microphone on the lectern.

Image of Delcom light

All other rooms that have CSU Replay recording capability will have the Delcom lights on the lectern.

Can I use CSU Replay for non-teaching recordings?

Yes you can.

Submit the CSU Replay - Non Learning and Teaching Registration Form, allowing two business days for the form to be processed. You will contacted when this has been completed.

How do I record from my desk?

If you have been added to an Interact2 site as an instructor, you have the permissions to upload recordings to that subject.

  • Click on the CSU Replay link in the Interact2 course
  • Click Create
  • Select Record a New Session

This opens the Panopto recording software if it is installed on your computer.

If it is not installed, you can install this software from the Install Software icon on Staff computers. If you are using a private computer you will be given the option on screen to download and install the Panopto software.

After you have opened a CSU Replay link, you will be able to record to your home folder in CSU Replay.

As a lecturer or subject coordinator, you can enable an assignment folder for your course/subject which allows students to record in to it as well.

How long are recordings kept for?

Source recordings uploaded and published to CSU Replay are stored for the following duration:

  • Teaching and Learning recordings: 1 session + 1 year
  • Non-Teaching and Learning recordings: 12 months

How do I know that my recording has been published?

When your recording is published to CSU Replay you will receive an email notification. When you upload a recording it will be visible in the location you uploaded to.

Can I upload audio and/or video recordings that I have captured previously on a different device?

Image pf options to create a videoYes. You can upload audio and\or video recordings that you have captured previously, or on a different device, using the Upload Media option in the Create menu of CSU Replay in Interact2.

You must ensure the recordings do not breach the Records Management Policy - CSU Replay Use and Management or Copyright Guidelines­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ or any other CSU Policies.