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Procurement & Risk Management

Procurement Services

Procurement is the term used to describe the strategic element of purchasing. The Procurement and Risk Management section of the Division of Facilities Management (DFM) examines overall expenditure on goods and services to ensure that value for money, transparency and equity in the process is achieved and provides support to staff in the division responsible for purchasing.

DFM is responsible to the University for managing all construction projects in accordance with University Design Standards, University Policies and Procedures, the requirements of statutory authorities, government legislation, Australian Standards, and Building Codes of Practice. These projects cover major capital expenditure as well as minor works and services, and include the maintenance of buildings, grounds and utilities.

In order to support these functions the Procurement and Risk Management Section provides the framework for the acquisition of the goods, works and services, covering both third parties and in-house providers.

The process spans the whole life-cycle from identification of needs, through to the end of a services contract or the end of the useful life of an asset. It involves options appraisal and the critical "make or buy" decisions.

DFM aims to follow the Australian Federal Government's National Procurement Strategy and Framework, for which there are 5 main themes.

These are:

  • Providing leadership and building capacity in procurement
  • Creating a procurement culture
  • Partnering and collaboration
  • E-procurement
  • Stimulating markets and achieving community benefit

Risk Management

Risk Management is a structured approach to managing uncertainty through risk assessment and developing strategies to manage risk and to aid the identification of (business) opportunities. By the nature of our role the Division is faced with many differing risks including those risks associated with substantive construction projects, financial risks, Work Health & Safety risks and the risks associated with the development and maintenance of campuses of the University.

Staff in DFM's Procurement and Risk Management team utilise various resources, transference or acceptance processes to eliminate or mitigate these risks.

They provide the overall support for the Division with respect to safe work methods, Fire Life safety systems including evacuation plans and incident management, safety training for DFM staff, hazardous substance registrations and external contractor risk mitigation, conducting safety audits and verification processes for risk transference.

Who we are and what we do

Our areas of responsibility include:

  • Contractor Safety
  • Contract Development and Management
  • Critical Incident and Emergency Management Planning
  • Land titles
  • Procurement
    • Expressions of Interest
    • Requests for Tender
    • Requests for Proposal
    • Procurement Review Board
    • Procurement Guidelines
  • Work Health & Safety
    • WHS and Risk Management covering the Divisions portfolio/charter
    • Development and Maintenance of WHS policy
    • Maintenance of Hazardous Material Registers

Procurement and Risk Management Contact details