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Electrical Safety and Inspection, Testing and Tagging

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety at the University is covered under the Electrical Procedures available from CSUs Policy Library. These procedures is designed to provide units with assistance to maintain the safety of electrical supply, safety of electrical appliances and compliance with the Work Health & Safety Legislation.

Requesting Electrical Inspection, Testing and Tagging Services

The Division of Facilities Management (DFM) can arrange for the electrical inspection, testing and tagging of electrical appliances to meet the varying needs of the University's different organisational units and locations, via approved contractors. Approved Contractors have all the necessary qualifications, experience and insurances to perform the work at the University. This approach provides the University with a standard, quality and compliant service.

As portable electrical appliances are the responsibility of the respective organisational unit, the cost of inspection, testing & tagging or other services, such as the repair of a faulty electrical appliance, will be borne by that unit.

There are two methods available to Organisational units for requesting the inspection and testing of electrical appliances.

1)    Routine testing

DFM arranges for an approved contractor to be on site at a specific day and time. This is usually arranged at least once a year during the October to November period. 'What's New' messages are posted and Units submit a list of items they wish to be inspected and tested. Units that opt for this method are only charged a per appliance not a 'site attendance fee'. Submit your electrical appliance details on the Electrical Appliance Inspection and Test Form.

2)    Urgent testing

If a Unit requires appliances to be tested in a short timeframe, DFM can arrange for an approved contractor to visit the units site promptly. This service will incur additional 'site attendance' fees. This request can be arranged by the submission via a BEIMS Service request.

DFM will provide advice on the pricing for all services and no work will be undertaken without approval of the Organisational unit.


  • A contact person for the area must be available on the day of testing.
  • All appliances must be readily available for the Service Technician to inspect and test.
  • If you have any electrically sensitive equipment or equipment connected to other devices or appliances that cannot be switched off, please note these on the request form and to the Technician on the day of testing.
  • If an item does not pass testing, you will be asked if you wish to have the item repaired (if possible). If approval is given, the invoice will include the cost of the repairs and to retest the repaired appliance. No additional works will be undertaken without approval.
  • All items requested to be inspected, will be tagged and a summary results can be provided electronically on request.

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