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Keep safe when snakes are about

brown snake

During the summer (warmer) months snakes may be present on our campuses, as well as other areas that include parks, gardens, nature reserves or areas that adjoin these.
Snakes are common in Australia and native snakes within NSW are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act. 
If you sight a snake on campus, stay clear and keep others away. Call the Division of Facilities Management's (DFM) Central Point of Contact on (02) 633 86336.
If you find a snake in your building, stay well clear, notify others in the area and try to isolate the snake by closing doors. Call DFM's Central Point of Contact on (02) 633 86336 or 86336 during business hours or campus Security after hours (internal shortcut 400).
Most people who have been bitten, have been bitten while trying to kill a snake.
If someone is bitten by a snake, keep them calm, apply a pressure bandage over the site and seek medical assistance. See the St John's Ambulances' fact sheet on managing a Snake Bite.
When moving around campus, keep to clear paths and don't walk through long grass. Ensure snakes don't enter buildings by keeping doors closed.
Do not approach snakes as they become more aggressive if they feel threatened.