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May 2019

Stage 2 Development Update

Although eye-witnesses at Port may have pre-empted this announcement, we are nonetheless excited to announce that
construction works have commenced on the Stage 2A building. The Contract with Lahey Constructions was finalised and
signed at the beginning of April with the team mobilising to site immediately to start on works approved under the Review
of Environmental Factors. Shortly thereafter we obtained the DA from Port Macquarie Hastings Council – another key
milestone for the project. The contract date for the builder to achieve Practical Completion is the end of May 2020.
This means that should the works proceed as planned with no adverse impacts, the building will be handed over to DFM
at this time for the relocation to commence.

As far as the design is concerned, our focus (via Lahey, who is now responsible to complete the documentation) is to convert
the existing drawing package to For Construction status. This will be done in order of priority and is mostly dictated by the
chronology of each discipline within the construction process; civil engineering design is first up, followed by engineering services
and structural design, with architecture spread across all stages. Key construction activities underway this month have been site establishment, fencing and access, demolition of the basketball court and adjoining wall, and earthworks and pad preparation.
Over the coming month we expect to see more and more trades present on site with services infrastructure such as trenching
and pipework due to commence.

PMQ Site Photo

What else is happening?

In parallel with this, it was recently announced that nursing facilities are to be expedited at the campus with the west wing staff
Area identified as one of the few suitable options to house it. We have been working diligently with the nursing team and Faculty
of Science to plan refurbishment works in this space with some excellent outcomes achieved – thank you to the users as well as
the Port staff who have been accommodating of this plan. With a big push from all involved we hope to start working on this at the
end of May. The main side effect of this work being accelerated is a delay to the other improvements and modifications planned
for Stage 1. These haven’t been forgotten!

As though the above is not enough to keep the team busy, many of you would have noticed the NSW Government announcement
Last month allocating funding to Stage 2B of the Port Macquarie campus. This is an exciting development as it allows DFM to
commence planning the next stage. We are in early stages of the process but look forward to talking with staff and students
more about it over the coming months. So as always, stay tuned.

Refurbishment for Nursing

During the last month the design for the Nursing was completed and from this a Tender is now currently being assessed, if
approved these works will commence over next week. Works in this space will continue until early September. Your patience
during this period is appreciated to allow the refurbishment to be completed, assessed & accreditation obtained in time the first
class to commence in 2020. See conceptual drawing below.

PMQS2 Nursing Refurbishment

Munster Street Facility

The Munster Street design was also completed, and Tenders submitted. Evaluations are currently in process with works
expected to commence in early July. Completion of the refurbishment is forecast for early September, and as this
refurbishment will be undertaken whilst the facility is in use your understanding and patience is also appreciated.

Munster Street Facility

Upcoming Meetings

  • Project Control Group Meeting – Thursday 13th June, 10:30am - 12:30pm

For more information on this project, please contact the Division of Facilities Management:

Mr. Stephen Butt

Executive Director, Division of Facilities Management

Phone: 02 6933 2286