Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

SSAF: Albury-Wodonga Building 672 Common Room Refreshment

Project Snapshot

  • Location: Albury-Wodonga
  • Client: SSAF
  • Cost: $111,000
  • Estimated Completion date:
    April 2019
  • Contact: Anh Nguyen & Geoff Gibson
  • Category: Student Experience
A-W B672 Fitness Room


SSAF funding will be put towards the establishment of a common room within the old co-op bookshop in Albury.

New carpet, furniture, access to drinking water and other resources found in a common room to be provided.

The space will provide an excellent space for students, especially those living on Campus to relax and/or interact.

Design Features

  • Space to be refurbished is room 101
  • Remove existing / provide and install new floor finishes
  • Remove existing / provide and install new furniture
  • Modify existing kitchen to allow convenient access to drinking water

Sustainability Features

  • Low maintenance design principles utilised
  • Waste management during construction
  • Waste collection co-mingle
  • Low VOC finishes powder coated
  • Minimal use of PVC's

Progress report

  • Gate 1 Complete
  • Gate 2 Return Brief by Dec 2018
  • Gate 4 Tender: Jan 2019
  • Award Contract: Feb 2019
  • Gate 5 Construction Completion Apr 2019