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February  2021 - Development Update

Charles Sturt University has been provided with funding of $24.24 million to develop a new Rural Medical School in Orange in partnership with the University of Western Sydney.

Charles Sturt's Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Vann noted that Charles Sturt is at the forefront of rural and regional medical training, and will be creating qualified doctors who will understand the particular health needs of regional communities.

The partnership between Charles Sturt University and the University of Western Sydney builds on the University of Western Sydney’s existing training presence at Bathurst with an initial cohort of 37 students programmed commence at Orange campus in 2021.

A video has been created by Charles Sturt Division of Marketing and Communication which showcases the new learning and support spaces at Orange campus, to view the YouTube video please click here.

Works at Orange Campus

Construction is approaching completion for the JPM project works at our Orange campus.

Completed works include:

Completion of Stage 1 (3 March 2020) – alterations to Anatomy in building1006 (Dentistry) have created expanded facilities (see photo below) and new ultrasound facilities have also been incorporated into room 209 in 1006

JPM Alterations in Anatomy in B1006

May 2020 saw completion of the alterations at the lower level of building 1002 (ELC) which includes provision of a suite of eight larger Clinical Tutorial Rooms (photos below).

These modern facilities will be used for a range of medical education activities including clinical skills teaching, physiology practical sessions, and interviews. The Clinical Tutorial Rooms are adjacent to the Simulation Ward which consists of 2 x 4 bed wards, preparation area and scrub station.

JPM Larger Clinical Tutorial Rooms

Stage 2 – Building 1002 (completion August 2020)

  • Creation of the new extensions to building 1002 in readiness for the arrival of prospective medical students (and the expansion of Problem Based Learning (PBL) rooms for larger cohorts across the campus).
  • PBL is a major component of the Doctor of Medicine program providing focused student learning through review of complex clinical cases.  This is a strong feature of the program with PBL sessions held weekly.

JPM Stage 1 Extension to Level 2 of 1002

JPM Stage 1 Level 2 Informal Student Study

JPM Extension to Level 1 of 1002

Stage 2 Construction Works Include:

  • Installation of a new lift in the Learning Commons to facilitate access to the 24/7 lower level, (completed early February 2021)
  • Provision of a second grossing table to the Anatomy Preparation area (completed December 2020)

Stage 3 – (completion programmed for March 2021)

  • Construction of new Academic Hub (see progress photo below). This building incorporates Conference Rooms, the “Ideas Exchange”, informal foyer/meeting/presentation space, Health Research facilities, staff accommodation for  medical and allied health staff, meeting rooms, video conference rooms and a 24/7 First Nations Student Centre
  • Provision of nom. 166 kW of photovoltaic cells to the roof of the Academic Hub

210225 Academic Hub Construction 01 February 2021.jpg

Artist  Impression of the new Academic Hub

Time lapse camera

The site Camera image included in the Update was taken by a time-lapse camera on the roof of Building 1003. This will provide streamed images able to be viewed on the under Images and Photos on the DFM Project website.

Time lapse video
A time-lapse video has been created which shows project progress from early demolition works in September 2019 to June 2020 and can be found by this Facebook Link.

Bloomfield Clinical Education Learning Centre

The new Clinical Education Learning Centre is being developed in parallel with the Orange campus works and is strategically located at the Bloomfield Health Precinct over the road from the Orange Health Service and Orange Base Hospital.

Site Procurement: CSU have purchased level 1 of the Bloom´Čüeld Medical Centre (across the road from Orange Base Hospital). This is an ideal location for a medical school campus as Bloomfield Medical Centre houses a wide range of health and medical facilities including radiology, a private hospital, general practice, and private specialist suites.

Design and Construction: The design features spaces which are highly flexible (as this will facilitate usage by external parties and allied health disciplines in-hand with the JPM presence.)

Works are now well under way and due for completion late February 2021.

210226 Bloomfield Medical

210226 Bloomfield Medical Progress Image

Program: The facility will be completed in readiness to accept the first cohort of JPM students in March 2021.

To view the developed design floor plan for Stage One of the Bloomfield Clinical Education Learning Centre, click on this link.

Other Plans for this Project

Plans of the works described above are available on the Project Website on the Documentation web page, click on this link.

Project Control Group (PCG) Update

Upcoming Meetings and Presentations

Tuesday 23r March 2021, 2:00pm-3:30pm.