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First Aid Officers

Charles Sturt University is committed to providing first aid, appropriate first aid facilities and supplies to ensure early first aid care is available to staff, students, visitors and contractors in emergency situations. The information provided, and the links to further resources aim to provide practical guidance for achieving prompt and effective first aid outcomes.

First aid officers

You can find first aid officers on each of the below campuses:

Defibrillators are also available on each campus.

Transporting injured or sick staff, students and visitors

Serious or life-threatening illness or injury

If somebody has a serious illness or injury, you should contact your nearest first aid officer. If they think the casualty needs an ambulance, they should:

  • dial 000 (from a fixed line phone) or 112 (from a mobile phone)
    • ask for an ambulance
    • describe the nature of the illness or injury
    • state the number of casualties
    • describe the location of the casualty, and place to meet the ambulance
  • arrange for security to meet the ambulance.

Do not transport seriously injured or ill staff or visitors in your own personal vehicle.

Where the illness or injury is not serious or life-threatening

If the illness or injury is not serious, the injured or sick person may:

  • arrange for a family member or friend to collect them
  • transport themselves home or to the doctor in their own vehicle, if well enough

Note: when an injured person cannot wear a seat belt, you must call an ambulance.

You can send questions about first aid, or first aid training, to

First aid procedure

This policy describes how CSU provides first aid resources and services on its campuses.

Duty statement - first aid officer

This duty statement outlines the responsibilities for first aid officers.

Duty statement - occupational first aid officer

This duty statement outlines the responsibilities for occupational first aid officers.

Auditing and restocking first aid kit supplies

The procedure for maintaining first aid kit supplies.

First aid ordering form

Use this form to order first aid kit supplies.

Reporting WHS incidents

Use this link to report the details of any incidents that occur.