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The job of tendering is to provide and manage the framework for the acquisition of goods, works and services to the Division of Facilities Management at the best value for money in an open, transparent and accountable environment.

This includes establishing and monitoring:

  • Building contracts for major buildings, new facilities, redevelopment of existing spaces, major refurbishments varying in scope and value
  • Consultancies as required
  • Contracts covering goods and services for our operational sections

The tendering team takes an active approach to market building with quality providers and suppliers to take into account present and future University needs.  We believe that this supports our aims of providing an economic and effective delivery of services at less expense, time and effort. This approach is critical to the University's viability, undertakings and innovation.

It is extremely important to CSU that our tenderers recognise CSU's vision of being ecologically sound, socially just and economically viable. It is equally important to be aware of the impacts our activities have on the financial, social and environmental health of the broader community.

Endorsed provider list

Becoming an endorsed provider

The endorsed provider list will be updated in 2015. All current subscribers will be sent an invitation to join the new portal in February/March/April 2015.

If you are not currently on the list and wish to be alerted to tendering opportunities in the Division of Facilities Management at CSU, or have general enquiries about the lists, please telephone or email Mrs Cheryl Honey on 0269334 347 or

Maintaining and checking your status and details

Applicants will be sent advice on their application status by email.

The status of endorsed providers will be regularly reviewed and amended based on performance.

It is the responsibility of endorsed providers to maintain their organisational contact details on our tendering portal.