Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University



How do I get asked to tender?

  1. A selected panel formed from the Multi Vendor List
  2. Open tender by newspaper advertisement
  3. Open tender on tenderlink
  4. Invitation

How do I tender?

  1. Per instructions in the rft, rfp, or rfi
  2. Generally using the tenderlink portal
  3. Attend mandatory pre-tender meeting

What do I need to include in my tender?

  1. All information specifically requested
  2. Returnable schedules

What happens after tenders close?

  1. Tender evaluation (based on plan and carried out by a committee)
  2. Clarifications requested if necessary
  3. Financial check carried out by Kingsway Financial Assessments
  4. Recommendations made for preferred contractor after evaluation and clarifications to Director, Procurement and Risk Management; Executive Director, Division of Facilities Management
  5. Recommendation made to CSU Procurement Board
  6. Recommendation made to CSU Vice Chancellor and University Council
  7. Contract Implementation Meeting with preferred contractor
  8. Award of contract and site possession given
  9. Unsuccessful contractors notified and offered feedback