Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Workplace Recognition Strategies

The Division of Human Resources is reviewing the employee reward and recognition framework to refresh the approach and align with our renewed Values.

During this time current programs will go on hold. This includes the Vice-Chancellor Awards, Faculty and Division Awards, Learning and Teaching Awards and the Employee Long Service Awards model.

Examples of recognition include:


  • Letter of Appreciation
  • Verbal Praise
  • Send out a monthly 'great achievement email'


  • Encourage staff to explore the development programs
  • Job sharing within work teams
  • Provide opportunities for staff to undertake external training


  • Encourage employees to apply for a secondment
  • Encourage flexibility in work schedule - support work, life, balance
  • Encourage employees to act as a mentor

Workplace Opportunities

  • Seek networking opportunities
  • Look for opportunities to work on new projects
  • Plan team building days
  • Seek opportunities to take on higher duties when appropriate


  • Encourage participation in CSU forums and networks
  • Encourage participation in University committees

Note: Financial payments, off-campus meals and entertainment, purchases from external suppliers, and time off with pay are not approved recognition strategies.