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Rewards and Recognition

New program coming soon

In 2017 the Division of Human Resources reviewed the University's reward and recognition practices to align them more closely with our strategy and renewed values, and to deliver a program that is more relevant and meaningful to staff. Based on employee feedback from across the University a renewed Reward and Recognition framework was considered and approved by the VCLT. The program and its framework will be supported by an online system

Name our new Program

Play a role in naming our new Reward and Recognition program. Please submit your suggestions by following the link:

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Based on Staff feedback and best practice, the new Reward and Recognition Framework will be made up of three tiers:

Level 1

Foster a culture of appreciation that creates as many opportunities as possible for positive conversations across the university. Provide a forum where success is celebrated. This will include peer-to-peer, manager and cross unit recognition. This allows all employees to take ownership of culture and performance by recognising valuable contributions from their colleagues.

Level 2

Create a consistent equitable approach to recognition for achievement against capability framework, performance criteria and University goals. This level will link and reinforce EDRS, show casing those that go above and beyond. This level provides managers with the autonomy to recognise valuable contributions and high performing team members.

Level 3

Recognise top performers across the university that contribute in a way that goes well above the expectations for their role and has measurable impact on the University and strategy. Recipients will be recognised at Foundation Day events that are across all campuses with the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team taking an active role in these celebrations.

The renewed program will inspire workplace behaviours that reflect our values-based culture while driving strategic outcomes. The program is designed to appeal to all employees. It will provide greater opportunity to share and celebrate success and recognise the valuable contribution of staff.

The online system is intuitive and will not require training. It will eliminate the administrative burden previously associated with reward and recognition and create broader engagement and empowerment for all employees.

We look forward to sharing more information as it becomes available.