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Rewards and Recognition

What is RED?

RED (Recognising Excellence Daily) is our new reward and recognition program that aims to inspire us to connect with each other and work in ways that reflect our values-based culture. RED brings to life the 2017 'your voice' staff survey priorities around recognition and cross-unit collaboration. We can all share and celebrate success daily by recognising the valuable contributions of others.

To access RED simply click on the link Reward and Recognition under Essential services on the Staff Hub

Please feel free to email: for further information.


Based on Staff feedback, best practice and further consultation, the new Reward and Recognition Framework is be made up of three tiers:

Red Framework & Pinwheel PDF for downloading

The following supporting documentation can be accessed on the RED site:

  • CSU Reward and Recognition Guideline and Framework
  • CSU Excellence Awards Guidelines and Criteria
  • Retailer Terms & Conditions
  • RED Webinar (gives a brief outline of the three levels of recognition at CSU, how to send an eCard and how to navigate the site).

RED Eligibility

RED is open to all employees of CSU. This includes permanent, fixed contract, casual and adjunct staff. You need to have the following to access RED:

  • CSU Employee ID
  • Email address entered in Alesco

**Contractors are not eligible.

What support is available to me for RED?

We have partnered with Reward Gateway to bring you RED. Due to this partnership and depending on your requirements, there will be times you will need to contact the CSU IT Service Desk and times when the Reward Gateway Helpdesk is the best contact to make.

To start you off, if it is a log in issue, contact CSU IT Service Desk. If it is an eCard issue, contact Reward Gateway Helpdesk.

Reward Gateway Helpdesk Contact

Reward Gateway offer 24/7 support with any of the following:


  • Unable to send an eCard.
  • Unable to view an eCard that you have received by clicking on your notification email OR on the alert in your personal Alert Centre found in “My Account”.
  • Unable to see an eCard you have sent on the Social Recognition Wall.
  • Unable to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on an eCard that is on the Social Recognition Wall.


  • Unable to submit a Nomination.
  • Unable to view a Nomination that you have received by clicking on your notification email OR by clicking on the alert in your personal Alert Centre found in “My Account”.


  • Unsure how to claim an Award or unable to purchase a reward from one of the available retailers.
  • Locating your reward after you have purchased it using your awarded funds.
  • Have a question about one of the retailers before you purchase.