You can use these resources and video guides to help familiarise yourself with the EDRS.


The EDRS Manager system is online performance management system that has been designed to meet the needs of the Employee Development and Review Scheme.


Resources have been designed for both employees and managed to provide help and guidance with conducting EDRS conversations and include:

  • The EDRS Training Guide is an overview of EDRS, how to use the system and how to have an empowering conversation. Use this resource for new employees or as a refresher.
  • The Guide for academic employees and managers is designed to help employees and managers have EDRS conversations. This guide provides an overview on the system, preparing for EDRS and support tools to assist with the conversation.
  • The CSU Capability Framework is a valuable tool to help foster a common language around the desired skills and behaviours for leaders, teams and individuals at CSU.
  • The Values in Action is a companion guide to the CSU Capability Framework. It is a set of behaviour statements that have been designed to help influence behaviour, enable decision and create boundaries.
  • The Managers Toolkit outlines roles and responsibilities, along with tools and resources to support the EDRS conversation.
  • A range of frequently asked questions.
  • The CSU Capability Development Guide is a guide to help you identify opportunities for your EDRS conversation.

Supporting documents

  • A Research Plan Template and Research Fact Sheet can be used for proposed research plans for EDRS and a fact sheet to support employees and Heads of School during the research discussion of EDRS conversation.
  • A Progress Report for Higher degrees by Research (HDR) portal is available if you are conducting HDR at CSU. This is part of academic HDR workload support scheme. The Research Office can provide the final copy to the Head of School for the EDRS conversation.
  • For those employees conducting HDR at another institution, a HDR paper based form needs to be provided to the Head of School for the EDRS conversation.
  • The Course Design Process Resource is designed to assist employees and managers integrate the requirement of the CSU Course Design Process in to the EDRS conversation.

Video guides

These video guides can help all employees navigate the EDRS Manager system and have an effective performance conversation.