Excessive annual leave

The University deems an annual balance of more than 50 days to be excessive. If your balance reaches 50 days, we'll direct you to take leave.

Why taking leave is important

The Leave Manual requires you to take your annual leave entitlement each year.

Annual leave is an important part of your employment. Taking annual leave can help you maintain work/life balance, which was identified as a high priority for staff in the 2017 'Your Voice' survey.

The NSW Audit Office has also identified the University’s growing leave liability as a financial and work health and safety risk to the institution.

Excessive leave notifications

If your leave balance is close to excessive, we'll send three different notifications to you and your supervisor.

  1. If your balance reaches 35 days we'll send you an email encouraging you to reduce your balance to less than 20 days. Your supervisor will also receive a copy.
  2. If your balance reaches 45 days, we'll email your supervisor to let them know you are close to 50 days leave. You'll also receive a copy. You both need to discuss how you can reduce the balance to less than 20 days.
  3. If your balance reaches 50 days, we'll email your supervisor to let them know your leave has exceeded 50 days. You'll also receive a copy. Your supervisor will need to set a date for you to go on leave. The leave must begin within 2 months and result in a balance of less than 10 days.

Part-time staff balances

For part-time staff, there are two leave balances – actual and pro rata.

Actual balance

The actual balance reflects the full-time equivalent, which is what you see in Web Kiosk.

Pro rata balance

The pro rata balance shows the leave at your fraction. For example, an employee at 50% might have an actual balance of 20 days (4 weeks at full-time) and a pro rata balance of 40 days (8 weeks at part-time). At 8 weeks, it is reasonable for the staff member and supervisor to discuss reducing the leave balance.

Booking leave

How to book

You can book your annual leave through Web Kiosk. Part-time staff without a set roster need to apply using the annual leave form.

How much to book

You need to take enough leave to get below the target balance. Make sure you continue to keep your balance low by taking regular breaks from the workplace.

Leave while on secondment

Leave accrued on secondment should be taken during the secondment period.

You should discuss your leave balance with your substantive supervisor before you return to your substantive position. You may decide to delay your return so you can reduce your balance to an acceptable level.

Supervisor responsibilities

As a supervisor, you need to plan workloads across the year. While planning, make sure you incorporate the expectation of at least 20 days of leave per staff member each year.

You can monitor leave balances using the Web Kiosk.

The University will notify you if your staff member’s annual leave balance is close to excessive. We encourage you to discuss options with them to reduce the balance as soon as possible.

If an employee accrues more than 50 days annual leave, you must set a date for the staff member to take leave. The leave must begin within 2 months and result in a balance of less than 10 days.

More information

In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Enterprise Agreement or Leave Manual, the terms of the Agreement or Policy will prevail.