Casual long service leave

Casual staff members may be eligible for long service leave after 10 years of continuous service.


Casual staff who meet the continuous service requirement have been entitled to long service leave since:

  • Enterprise Agreement 26 October 2000 for academic staff
  • Enterprise Agreement 22 November 2005 for professional/general staff.


A casual staff member who has completed 10 years continuous service is entitled to 43.5 working days leave. These figures are based on full-time equivalent hours, or a proportion of 43.5 days based on service fraction.

After you've completed 10 years of continuous service, you'll accrue long service leave at a rate of 10.75 working days each year (full-time equivalent).

Continuous service

‘Continuous service' is the period you've worked since the appropriate Enterprise Agreement date above without large breaks.

Note: Your continuity of service will break if 62 or more days pass between casual appointments. This means that if you start a new appointment with CSU after a break of 62 days your service will begin from 0 again.


The University calculates long service leave based on:

  • current salary rate (excluding casual loading)
  • hours worked.

The payment rate is calculated at the level the long service leave was accrued. It is paid at the current rate for that level as at the payment date.

Service fraction

Service fraction is the period of time the employee has been employed as a casual. It is expressed as a proportion of the hours of a full-time employee over the same period.

Prior service with other universities

Prior service is only recognised for the purposes of fixed-term and continuing roles at CSU.

Working in multiple jobs

A service fraction is limited to a maximum of 100% (equivalent to a full-time staff member). If your employment time exceeds 100%, you will not receive a long service leave entitlement of more than 100%.

Casual work before a fixed-term or continuing position

If you worked as a casual before starting your fixed-term or continuing role, your casual service may be added to your service years. For your casual service to be eligible, there must be a break of less than 62 days between your casual role and your fixed-term or continuing role.

Casual work after a fixed-term or continuing position

Your casual appointment will re-start your service with CSU. The service of your fixed-term or continuing position will not be applicable.

Part-time staff member working additional casual hours

As a part-time staff member, you are paid for any additional hours you work (up to the maximum FTE). These hours are paid on a casual basis, i.e. the hourly rate plus 25% loading.

If the number of casual hours you work on top of your part-time hours changes your service fraction, this may affect your long service leave balance.


If you think you've had 10 years or more continuous casual service with CSU, email for a calculation. Please note, casual long service leave calculations are complex and could take several months to complete.

More information

In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Enterprise Agreement or Leave Manual, the terms of the Agreement or Policy will prevail.