Professional development

The Organisational Culture and Capability team supports the development of employees through offering a range of opportunities, developing skills and building capability by creating a culture that aligns to our values and behaviours.


At CSU, we encourage and support professional learning and development programs which help to develop the capabilities of all staff. The 2018 Professional Learning and Development calendar reflects the University’s ongoing commitment to developing staff capabilities in key impact areas of the University’s strategic plan.


Coaching is a key leadership and professional development skill. Coaching will help support and develop individuals to assist them to reach their full potential to enhance both current and future work performance

Capability framework

Developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours to thrive in our own roles and achieve the University Strategy.

Employee Mentoring

Mentoring is a partnership between two people that supports an individual's career path.

Successful change

We have a range of development options targeted to specific roles which focus on building our capability in successfully managing change. We have started to roll out relevant options and will continue to build these over time.

Learning opportunities

The 70: 20:10 Learning and Development Model is focused on supporting CSU employees and recognises that learning can take place in a variety of ways. The model suggests that approximately:

Online learning

CSU provide the opportunity to increase capabilities of staff through online learning portals such as ELMO and LinkedIn Learning. The online portal provide access to a suite of programs which can assist you in increasing your skills and knowledge.

Leadership programs

CSU recognises the vital role that leaders and managers play in encouraging and supporting employees to reach their potential and to create high performing teams. We offer the various leadership programs to existing leaders and managers.

Traineeships and apprenticeships

Traineeships and apprenticeships are utilised at CSU to recruit and train new staff into existing positions, to provide employment opportunities or to support existing staff to obtain or upgrade a nationally recognised vocational qualification.

Refresher and Mandatory Training

Mandatory compliance training outlines key information employees must be aware of, including relevant legislation, policies and procedures which govern their employment. All Charles Sturt University employees must complete the eInduction program annually which consists of four modules that enable employees to work through at their own pace.