Capability framework

The CSU Capability Framework is a valuable tool for core people management practices, such as:

  • recruitment and selection
  • managing for performance
  • leadership development
  • succession planning
  • individual development
  • career planning.

Building capability

Building internal capability is about fostering the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will help us thrive in our own roles and contribute to the University’s strategic direction.

The capabilities have been mapped to our values and CSU's strategy. They foster a common language around ‘what good looks like’ at CSU and enhance cross-unit collaboration.

The competencies underpinning CSU’s Capability Framework have been drawn from the Corporate Executive Board’s Universal Competency Framework. This is an empirically sound basis for competency development that provides a rational, consistent and practical way of understanding behaviours at work and the likelihood of succeeding in a given role or environment.

Culture roadmap

We don’t develop capability in isolation. The way we live the CSU values, accepted norms and habits in our teams, and our capability to deliver desired outcomes will all influence the culture at CSU.

Our desired culture is one that reflects our ethos Yindyamarra Winhanganha and values by striving for equity and diversity in all that we do.

Values in action

CSU Values in Action is a companion guide to the Capability Framework and helps managers and teams define behaviours that support our values-based culture.

The guide helps to clarify and ‘make real’ what living the values involves and what those behaviours look like on a daily basis. It does this by asking:

  • What behaviours matter most to me?
  • What matters most to us as a team?
  • How do we want to be known by others?
  • What values and behaviours do we want to instil in our team?

Refer to Appendix One in the CSU Capability Framework to see how the values map to the capabilities.