My wellbeing

Wellbeing is more than the absence of disease or illness. It includes physical, mental, emotional and social health factors.

Happiness and life satisfaction is key to your wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We offer a range of regular programs to enhance your wellbeing.

Psychological wellbeing

We provide resources to support your psychological wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing

Resources are available to promote and enhance your physical wellbeing.

Financial wellbeing

Improve your financial wellbeing with a range of resources.

Career wellbeing

Access a range of resources to build and enhance your career wellbeing.


Find out how you can create and maintain strong relationships.

Charles Sturt University has developed partnerships with professional providers to offer you discounts on financial and health products and services. Check out the Corporate Partnering page to learn more.

Charles Sturt is Australia's first Carbon Neutral University