Student casuals

Before you employ a CSU student as a casual, make sure you understand:

  • the sourcing process
  • pay rates for student casuals
  • administrative arrangements.

How to promote your vacancy

You can promote part-time and casual jobs to current students through the CSU Career Development Service.

Go to the CSU Career Development Service

Receiving applications

  • Applications should be emailed to a nominated person in your area. They must available to respond to questions.
  • We are not able to process applications via PageUp.
  • The hiring manager is the contact point for applicants and manages the application process.

Pay rates for students

The Enterprise Agreement provides for 3 student rates as follows:

  • Student rate 1 - 75% of CSU Level 1.  Performs straightforward, basic manual tasks of an unskilled nature.
  • Student rate 2 - 80% of CSU Level 1.  Performs straightforward tasks with clearly defined procedures and relatively simple problem solving involved.
  • Student rate 3 - 90% of CSU Level 1.  Performs tasks which have some complexity and require more experience.  Exercise of judgment is within standard practices and procedures.

The student rates are an all-inclusive flat rate. Overtime and loadings for working after hours or on weekends and public holidays do not apply.

See the current rates.

Minimum hours to be worked

Under the terms of the Enterprise Agreement, a student casual may be requested to work a minimum of 1 hour. Being casual, they are also able to decline the shift if it doesn’t suit them.

How to appoint a student casual

  1. Identify the appropriate payment rate. Refer to Schedule II Part B of the Enterprise Agreement for details.
  2. Collect their CV.
  3. Complete the following documents and send them to before they start:
  4. To be paid, casuals must complete timesheets using Web Kiosk. Supervisors should instruct the casual on how to do this. Quick reference guides are available to help.
  5. Supervisors must provide the casual with the information they need to perform their duties.