Successful change

Successfully managing change

Change in our lives is occurring at an increasing rate and we experience this at the University. External changes such as government policies, competition, globalisation and digitisation as well as the changing expectations of our students, communities, industry partners and other stakeholders drive our need to adapt to remain successful.

Results of the 2017 Your Voice Survey indicated that change management is an area we can improve. Successfully managing change is a key component of building our internal capability in CSU’s Strategy.

We may all play a role in our aim to successfully manage change depending on the nature, size and complexity of the change.

Change Framework

We apply our Framework across the organisation

Your role in delivering successful change

We all play an essential role for successful change


This collection provides recommended and helpful resources that align to our framework.

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Our approach

We are implementing a change management framework to provide a structured and consistent approach in strategic projects, major initiatives, structural changes and any other business as usual changes. Our approach involves understanding how an individual goes through change using the ADKAR® model to help us. We are also using a range of other tools to support and guide us through the change process.

Our aim is to improve our change management to:

  • Drive more successful change
  • Handle the amount of change occurring
  • Reduce the costs of poorly managed change
  • Align our practice with our values
  • Prepare the University for the future
  • Create consistency and efficiencies in approach
  • Build needed internal capabilities

Support for managing change

We all play a role in successfully managing organisational changes that effect us. The change management team will focus on:

  • supporting successfully managing change within our strategic projects
  • embedding our change management methodology throughout the University
  • building the capability of staff across the organisation.

We will work to build resources, provide information and development and work to establish a Change Champions Network.

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"Change management is the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome." Prosci