Change Framework

We have a change framework to build a stronger University with the capability and agility to adapt and thrive in a continually changing environment.

We aim for change to support:

Better student and staff experiences

Effective and capable leaders

Projects meeting objectives

We integrate key elements to deliver better results:

Sponsorship/ Leadership

Project Management

Change Management

We apply our framework across the organisation:

Strategic Change

Technology Change

Operational Improvement

We apply our organisational change process to manage the people side of change:


Getting Started

Phase 0

Preparing for Change

Phase 1

Managing Change

Phase 2

Reinforcing Change

Phase 3


Project Change Triangle Assessment (PCT)

ADKAR Assessment

Change Characteristics

Organisational Attributes

Risk Analysis

Impact Assessment

Sponsor Assessment

Manager Assessment

PCT Assessment

ADKAR  Assessment

PCT Assessment

ADKAR Assessment

Audits and Measures

ADKAR Assessment

Plans and outputs:


Interim Communication Plan

Phase 1 Analysis & Findings

Communications Plan

Sponsor Roadmap

Training Plan

Coaching Plan

Resistance Management Plan

Review Report

Corrective Actions

Lessons Learnt

Recognising and Celebrating


We focus on individual change with our people (ADKAR):







We all play an essential role for successful change:


Leaders and Managers



Project Leads

Project/Subject Experts

Project Champions

Change Team

Change Champions

HR Business Partners

We have organisational frameworks and approaches we apply:

Living our Values

Brand Framework

Staff Engagement (Voice)

Capability Framework

Professional Development (70:20:10)

Leadership Development

Continuous Improvement

Reflection and Feedback

Collaboration and Engagement

We have ways to develop our change maturity:

Portfolio Approach

(Change Register)

Change Capability Development

Change Maturity Model

Common Change Language