Fact Sheets

Flexible Working Hours

Annual Leave

CSU Card
Fixed Term EmploymentSick Leave (Personal leave)Employing Casual Staff
Hours, Shifts and Penalties for Set Roster EmployeesCarers Leave (Personal Leave)Delegation Approval Levels
Workload ArrangementsSpecial Leave (includes Bereavement)Flexible Work Arrangements
Work Function, Discipline and Field Research Data

Personal Leave (Sick & Carers)

Support for Breastfeeding
Job Classification - Professional/General StaffPurchased LeaveSupport for Adoption
ELMO Online TrainingLong Service LeaveSupport for Pregnancy
EO Online TrainingDefence Force LeaveGovernment Paid Parental Leave
Casual Students (Guide for Employees)Jury and Witness ServiceJob Candidate Experience
Employing Students as Casuals (Guide for Supervisors)

Parental Leave 

Parental Leave Information Pack

Workplace Adjustment
Leaving CSU

Concurrent Parental Leave

Appointing Adjunct Staff
EA Quick Reference Guide for SupervisorsExcessive Annual LeaveStaff Profile Reports
Orientation and Induction Cashing Out Annual LeaveProfessional/Administration Positions in the Three Faculty Common Support Model
Part-Year Employment (Food and Beverage Staff)Study LeaveExpression of Interest - Professional/General Staff Appointments  
 Other Information (including Annual Leave Loading, Public Holiday and Annual Close Down)Expression of Interest - Academic and Academic Institutional Leadership Positions

Leave Without Pay

 Academic Workload Adjustment for Extended Leave 
 Casual Long Service Leave 

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