Work Health and Safety Consultation at CSU

As part of harmonising the workplace health and safety laws across Australia, Australian workplaces saw the introduction of the WHS Act 2011, which included new arrangements for the way employers (now referred to as a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking, or PCBU) could consult with their workers on matters affecting workplace health and safety.

To implement these new legislative requirements, the University in consultation with relevant other stakeholders, determined Designated Work Groups (DWGs) and will facilitate a process of electing Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) to represent these work groups.  Once finalised, this new method of OHS consultation will be available to staff and will be in addition to a modified OHS Committees structure.

Further information on the methods of OHS Consultation at CSU are provided at the links below. Resources specific to the University's approach to OHS Consultation are also available under the Quicklinks at the bottom of this page.


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