Health and Safety Committees

The WHS Act 2011 still recognises H&S Committees as a legitimate method for consulting on workplace health and safety matters.  With the introduction of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs), the University remains committed to H&S Committees and will retain them as a feature of its OHS consultation model.

In consultation with other stakeholders, including staff unions, the University has committed to retaining two (2) H&S Committees along with some other agreed arrangements.  The role of these H&S committees and other agreed arrangements will be as:

  • The forum for consultation on the management of health and safety across the whole workforce. They will consider the development, implementation and review of the policies and procedures associated with the organisation’s work health and safety system.

Local issues should be managed through the WHS Issue Resolution Process and involving HSRs. 

For details on the two (2) H&S committees, the areas they represent, other agreed arrangements and the role of committees, please see the Committee Information and Quicklinks  below.

Committee Information 

Northern H&S Committee   Southern H&S Committee  


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