Designated Work Groups (DWGs) and Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)

Designated Work Groups (DWGs) at CSU

The WHS Act 2011 outlines the methods in which a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) can consult with its Workers on matters affecting work health and safety. One such method detailed is via Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs). To enable this method of WHS consultation the University must first divide the workplace into meaningful groups, referred to as DWGs.  DWGs form the basis from which local workplace consultation can occur and in effect become the electorate for the selection of Health and Safety Representations (see below for more details).  In accordance with the legislated WHS consultation arrangements, CSU has determined the following as its DWGs:

  • Division of Finance, Division of Human Resources, Division of Information Technology, Office of the Vice Chancellor and Web Strategy Office
  • Faculty of Science
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academic and Deputy Vice Chancellor - Research
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor - Students
  • Division of Facilities Management and Charles Sturt Campus Services staff (e.g. CSCS)

CSU and its staff unions (as staff representatives) have agreed upon these DWGs as well as the number of HSRs necessary to represent staff within each DWG.  For a complete summary of DWGs and the HSRs (and Deputy HSRs) representing each group, please click here or refer to the Summary of HSRs/DHSRs per DWG in the Quicklinks below.

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) have been elected by the workers from within each DWG.  HSRs assist in monitoring and improving the health and safety of workers they represent and can assist managers to comply with their legislated WHS duties.

HSRs have specific functions they can perform and are provided with specific powers under the legislation to assist them in undertaking their functions.  For more information on the role of a HSR please click here or refer to the HSR Duty Statement under Quicklinks below.

For a complete summary the HSRs (and Deputy HSRs) representing each DWG at CSU, please click here or refer to the Summary of HSRs/DHSRs per DWG in the Quicklinks below.

HSR Training

HSRs upon request have been provided with SafeWork NSW accredited training.

WHS Issue Resolution

To assist managers and staff to clearly understand the method for raising and resolving a WHS Issue at CSU (and the role of the HSR within this process), a WHS Issue Resolution Flowchart has been developed.

A copy of the Issue Resolution Flowchart is provided under Quicklinks below.


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