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Learning from Others

20% (Exposure, Learning from others) might include:

  • Request a mentor appropriate to your development goals.
  • Arrange coaching from someone with expertise in an area you want to further develop
  • Organise a coach to help you through your improvement initiatives or projects
  • Become a coach or mentor for a less experienced team member
  • Seek feedback from others eg manager, team member, colleague
  • Identify positive role models and observe their interactions with others. Consider adopting some of their approaches
  • Seek out opportunities to shadow a more experienced colleague as they go about their job
  • Identify and use networking opportunities as a means of interacting and learning from others
  • Meet with peers from other parts of the university to find out how you can work more effectively with them.
  • Get involved in activities outside of work and learn from the people you engage with
  • Ask a trusted colleague to observe your interactions with others and provide feedback about your behaviors
  • Discuss your work with a trusted senior member of your team
  • Aim to build a professional network of colleagues to whom you can go for advice or assistance
  • Become a member of an appropriate professional association and maintain regular contact with other members
  • Join Linked in, Yammer and other networking groups
  • Observe how someone with expertise approaches work, problems or people and ask for some ‘tips’
  • Have regular catch up meetings with your manager to discuss your work and development
  • Look for opportunities to work with skilled colleagues in areas you have identified for development.
  • Seek opportunities to be an observer at committee meetings
  • Discuss best practice with colleagues
  • Join a community of practice