Professional/General Staff - Level 1 - Position Descriptor

Criteria Description
Education, Training and Experience

Perform duties that do not require formal qualifications or work experience prior to engagement. Duties may, however, require the provision of structured on the job training after engagement.

Task Perform repetitive tasks, covered by instructions and procedures, for which the job holder usually requires less than one month of on the job training to achieve competence. Able to follow clear instructions. Some knowledge of materials and equipment may be required.
Judgement and Problem Solving Solve problems where the situations encountered are repetitive, the alternatives for the job holder are limited and readily learned, and the required action is clear or can be readily referred to higher levels.
Supervision and Independence Clear and detailed instructions are provided. Tasks are covered by standard procedures. Responses to unfamiliar situations are determined at higher levels. Work is regularly checked.
Organisational Relationships and Impact Employees can be expected to provide straightforward information to others on building or service locations. Employees follow procedures and demonstrate basic courtesy in their dealings with others: the impact of established procedures on other people or work areas is the concern of more senior employees

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