Professional/General Staff - Level 10 - Position Descriptor

Criteria Description
Education, Training and Experience

Perform duties at a skill level that requires:

  • experience and expertise in the management of significant human and material resources; or
  • experience and expertise in the provision of strategic policy advice affecting the direction of the University; or
  • an equivalent level of knowledge gained through any other combination of education, training and/or experience.

Perform tasks requiring the conceptualisation, development, review and accountability for the operation of major professional, management or administrative policies at the corporate level. Significant high level creative, planning and management functions. Responsible for significant resources, or have a strong impact on the deployment of significant resources.

Judgement and Problem Solving

Be accountable for the achievement of objectives and management of programs affecting a significant organisational area at Faculty level or equivalent. An employee may be an influential contributor to decisions over the allocation or use of substantial resources, and have responsibility for managing substantial contract obligations or a substantial budget, including the discretion to re-allocate funds or priorities within a budget.

Supervision and Independence

An employee may have either:

  • substantial management responsibility, usually for diverse activities; or
  • work in a situation where job objectives, performance criteria and in some cases funding are proposed, developed and, in practical terms, determined by the job holder.
Organisational Relationships and Impact

Taking into account the views and interests of other employees, an employee will:

  • carry operational responsibility (i.e., be the catalyst or driving force) for the development or significant amendment of policies or systems at Faculty level or higher; or
  • bring a multi-perspective understanding to the development, communication, marketing or implementation of new policies or programs.

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