Professional/General Staff - Level 4 - Position Descriptor

Criteria Description
Education, Training and Experience

Perform duties at a skill level that requires:

  • completion of an associate diploma level qualification with relevant work related experience (including experience gained in parallel with undertaking fractional-time study) or a certificate level qualification with post-certificate relevant work experience; or
  • Year 12 and at least 4 years relevant work experience, often combined with some formal training, leading to a detailed knowledge of specific administrative procedures and technical office skills; or
  • completion of a post-trade certificate and subsequent relevant experience; or
  • completion of a trade certificate and subsequent relevant experience leading to the development of areas of specialisation through a depth of skills, or to the application of skills normally associated with a number of separate trades, or to the application of administrative and supervisory roles in conjunction with trade skills; or;
  • an equivalent level of knowledge gained through any other combination of education, training and/or experience.

Perform a variety of tasks that:

  • require a sound working knowledge of relevant trade, technical or administrative practices;
  • include limited creative, planning or design functions; and
  • require an awareness of the relevant theoretical or policy context.
Judgement and Problem Solving

Solve standard problems within an established framework or body of knowledge by:

  • applying a range of procedures and work methods;
  • being proficient in and interpreting a set of relatively straightforward rules, guidelines, manuals or technical procedures; and
  • selecting from a range and combination of possible responses, based on some understanding of the principles or policies underlying established procedures, practices or systems.
Supervision and Independence

Direction is provided on the assignments to be undertaken, with the occupant determining the appropriate use of established methods and sequences, where choices are made which require some understanding of a well defined policy framework or recourse to technical knowledge. Guidance is available.

Organisational Relationships and Impact

Apply a sound knowledge of the impact of the activities undertaken on other related functions or sections. Provide advice or assistance based on some depth of knowledge in own area. Assist others by interpreting procedures and selecting between work methods and sequences. Where relevant case experiences arise, suggest changes to procedures, schedules or routines to facilitate good relations between work units or with clients.

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