Professional/General Staff - Level 6 - Position Descriptor

Criteria Description
Education, Training and Experience

Perform duties at a skill level that requires:

  • a degree, normally with 2 or more years subsequent relevant experience to consolidate the theories and principles learned; or
  • extensive experience (eg., an Associate Diploma with at least 4 years subsequent relevant experience), leading to either the development of specialist expertise or to the development of broad knowledge, in technical or administrative fields; or
  • an equivalent level of knowledge gained through any other combination of education, training and/or experience.

Perform a range of assignments that:

  • are guided by policy or objectives and, where relevant, by professional standards;
  • require a conceptual understanding of relevant policies, procedures or systems; and
  • require interpretation in the application of policy and/or precedent.
Judgement and Problem Solving

Solve diverse and unusual problems by analysing information where considerable interpretation of existing regulations, policies or procedures is required. Some discretion to innovate within own function and take responsibility for outcomes.

Supervision and Independence

Duties arise from role statements, supplemented by assignment allocation as relevant.
Within policy, will set medium term priorities and monitor work flows and systems within an area of responsibility (i.e., for own position and for a team or section if applicable).

An employee may have supervisory responsibility and some line management responsibility for employees performing a set of related functions and as well as employees reporting indirectly to the position.

Organisational Relationships and Impact

Provide authoritative advice in the context of widely varying circumstances. Adapt techniques and interpret or modify procedures to achieve objectives, where any changes are within policy and either their impact is largely restricted to the work unit(s) concerned or they are authorised at higher levels. An employee may provide influential input to policy or systems development on the basis of expertise in the operational aspects of current systems and their impact.

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