Professional/General Staff - Level 8 - Position Descriptor

Criteria Description
Education, Training and Experience

Perform duties at a skill level that requires:

  • a degree with substantial extension of the theories and principles, normally requiring at least eight years relevant graduate experience; or
  • a range of management experience; or
  • postgraduate qualifications with relevant experience; or
  • an equivalent level of knowledge gained through any other combination of education, training and/or experience.

Perform tasks requiring the integration of substantial theoretical (or policy) and technical knowledge to:

  • manage programs;
  • develop, review or evaluate significant policies, programs or initiatives;
  • be the recognised authority within the University in a complex specialised area;
  • develop or apply new principles and technology; and/or
  • provide professional or consultancy services with recognised standing across or outside of the University.
Judgement and Problem Solving

Responsible for developing or implementing systems, or programs (including priorities, policies and procedures) within closely defined statements of role objectives, which may include a requirement to draw together the interests of several functional or specialist areas. An employee may provide strategic advice at Divisional/Faculty level or equivalent.

Supervision and Independence

An employee will advise on and have substantial influence over the establishment of priorities, programs and/or budgets (formulation and expenditure) for a major area, and have scope to reset priorities or resources within overall program objectives or between positions or sections for which the position has line management responsibility.

Organisational Relationships and Impact

An employee will be expected to apply a thorough knowledge of:

  • University wide policies;
  • the external environment (eg; government legislation, codes, guidelines and requirements); and/or
  • diverse research and teaching activities (eg; at the level of a large School), to have a substantial influence on policy development or to manage or coordinate a number of programs.

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