Professional/General Staff - Level 9 - Position Descriptor

Criteria Description
Education, Training and Experience

Perform duties at a skill level that requires:

  • extensive management expertise and supporting experience; or
  • postgraduate qualifications and extensive relevant experience; or
  • an equivalent level of knowledge gained through any other combination of education, training and/or experience.

Perform tasks involving:

  • a significant creative, planning or management contribution to the development or operation of major professional, management or administrative policies or programs; and
  • responsibility for or impact on significant resources.
Judgement and Problem Solving

Responsible for developing or implementing systems, services or programs (including priorities, policies and procedures) within broad statements of role objectives where responsibilities have been substantially delegated. An employee will have independence in the allocation of resources within constraints established by senior management.

Supervision and Independence

Manage programs, including, as relevant, setting longer term priorities and objectives, the shaping of organisational structures and influence over the size and composition of the resources available.

Organisational Relationships and Impact

Take a leading operational role in the development or review of policies or programs. Plan and undertake significant liaison, consultation and negotiation for the development, modification or implementation of changes to policies or practices. An employee will apply a comprehensive knowledge of related programs.

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