Resigning or Retiring

Steps for Staff Members
1 Talk to your supervisor to discuss options and determine whether action to overcome the need for resignation is possible.
2 Complete the Notification of Exit Form if you still intend to resign.
3 Together with your manager, complete the Employee Exits: Checklist for Managers.
4 The HR Service Centre will notify you in writing that your exit has been accepted and advise of actions to be taken to finalise employment, salary and superannuation entitlements and benefits.
5 Complete the CSU Exit survey. An email will be sent to your inbox with a link to the online exit survey. All information you supply will be managed in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Act (1998) NSW. If you do not receive the link to the exit survey within your last week, please contact the HR Service Centre
6 You may wish to arrange an exit interview with your Human Resources Liaison Team Manager. Contact details for your Liaison Team Manager will be included in the letter sent to you from the HR Service Centre.
Steps for Supervisors
1 Ensure notification of exit form or resignation letter is forwarded to the HR Service Centre as soon as possible.
Complete the Employee Exits checklist for Managers
Period of Notice
Professional/General Staff 2 weeks 
Academic Staff 3 months - normally to take effect at the end of a teaching session
Executive Staff 6 months
Note: A lesser period may be agreed between an employee and the University.
Planning for retirement is part of an overall career management strategy for all employees. Whilst the notion of a traditional retirement age of 65 is no longer relevant since the abolition of compulsory retirement, employees still need to plan for their eventual separation from the University. A number of Transition to Retirement Options are available.