Casual Academic Salary Rates - Effective 16 December 2016

The below rates do not include superannuation or oncosts and the continuing and fixed-term salary rates can be found on the academic staff web page.

DescriptionCodePer Unit
Standard MarkingAX15043.55
Standard Marking (Qual)AX15552.08
Significant MarkingAX16061.05
Significant Marking (Qual)AX16561.05
Other Academic ActivityAX17043.55
Other Academic Activity (Qual)AX17552.08
Other Specialised Academic ActivityAX18065.32
Other Specialised Academic Activity (Qual)AX18578.12
Repeat TutorialAX19087.09
Repeat Tutorial (Qual)AX195104.16
Tutorial (Qual)AX205156.24
Repeat LectureAX230122.11
Basic LectureAX240183.16
Developed LectureAX250244.22
Specialised LectureAX260305.27
Clinical Educator (Min)AX27465.32
Clinical Educator (Max)AX27887.09
Clinical Educator (Min-Qual)AX28478.12
Clinical Educator (Max-Qual)AX288104.16
Accompanist (Qual)AX295104.16

In the event of a discrepancy between the rates on this website and the rates in the Enterprise Agreement, the rates in the Enterprise Agreement will prevail.

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