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The Learning Academy is the academic community scholarly and professional engagement hub that provides leadership and strategic initiatives that contribute to quality education courses, a satisfying student experience and a well-defined pathway for academic career development and advancement.

The Learning Academy promotes academic development, reward and recognition for teaching, peer review of educational practice, scholarship of teaching and learning, educational leadership development, and plays a key role in supporting the implementation of the CSU Institutional Cultural Competency Program.

Gulaay Indigenous Australian Curriculum and Resources Team as part of the Learning Academy supports the Indigenous Education Strategy (2009) in a number of ways. The Indigenous curriculum and pedagogy co-ordinator is responsible for the co-ordination of the inclusion of Indigenous curriculum and pedagogy and in all CSU courses by 2018. It is also tasked with the creation of original resources to enable this work. Gulaay also oversees the implementation of the Indigenous Cultural Competence Program (ICCP) and the IES collection in the DOMS.

Academic professional development is provided through the university to all academic staff and is coordinated by Learning Academy staff.

Assessment, moderation and benchmarking is supported by a team through coordinating professional development, online resources, and individual support.

The staff in the Learning Academy work in close collaboration with the other units in the Division of Learning and Teaching: Learning Design, Learning Resources, Learning Online, u!magine, Learning Technologies, and key institutional stakeholders: Division of Learning and Teaching, Deans, Heads of School, Associate Deans Learning and Teaching, and academic and sessional staff to achieve the objectives and strategic priorities outlined in the University Strategy 2017-2022.

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The Learning Academy focuses on capacity building and reward and recognition initiatives that contribute to high quality teaching and courses, as well as enhanced staff and student engagement.

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The Learning Academy provides support, development and resources to support all CSU educators to enhance learning and teaching experiences of both staff and students working with individuals, small groups and self-help online resources.

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