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Adaptive Learning and Teaching Services

The Adaptive Learning & Teaching Services team is part of the Learning Technologies Unit in the Division of Learning and Teaching (DLT).

Adaptive Learning & Teaching Services (ALTS) is a group dedicated to promoting, fostering and supporting the application of Adaptive Learning and Teaching at CSU.  ALTS provides four functions: 

  1. Educational Intelligence Services - analysis and reporting of learning and teaching data (including evaluations) across CSU.
  2. Adaptive Learning and Teaching Innovation and Research Support - supporting CSU staff who wish to use Adaptive Learning and Teaching in their practice and/or conduct research in this space. ALTS manages the CSU Learning Analytics Research Network to connect CSU academics to lead cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research in this field
  3. Organisational Engagement and Change - raising awareness, interest and proficiency in Adaptive Learning and Teaching, including administering the Learning Analytics Code of Practice and providing support resources for the application of analytics in learning and teaching.
  4. Adaptive Learning and Teaching Systems Support and Development - enhancing systems to better support analytics-informed learning and teaching.

The ALTS team also runs the Academic Compass survey for the institution, and provides The Pulse - an educational technology infographic - and the Learning Technologies Dashboard - a dashboard showing analytics on some of the learning technologies in use at CSU.

For more resources and discussions, please visit the Adaptive Learning and Teaching Community Site.