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The Pulse provides a picture of what is happening within CSU with regard to learning technologies and analytics to enhance our knowledge, challenge our thinking and stimulate conversation about the use of technology/analytics in learning and teaching.  The Pulse is published three times a year and each edition explores a particular theme. The statistics and analytics are drawn from a range of sources within CSU including systems reports, surveys and case studies. Trends in Learning Technologies and use of Learning Analytics outside CSU are also highlighted.

Current Edition

Interact2 collects a rich set of analytics on student engagement within your i2 site on accesses to the site and accesses and usage of the content therein.  You would be familiar with the integrated analytics reports that let you see site engagement (site accesses, minutes spent) and grade information, but i2 analytics goes deeper than that and we are happy to help you discover what is possible.

The second The Pulse of the year provides several anonymised visualisations that will help to give you an idea of what is possible.  From a Social Network Analysis diagram of forum interactions showing who is replying to whom to a Sankey Graph of how students' grades progress through a subject to Word Cloud analysis of forum, blog or journal text to determining when students are accessing subject resources, these visualisations give an indication of both what we can provide as well as what data we can provide to allow you to create your own visualisations or analyses.

Thank you to those staff who allowed us to use the visualisations we created for them in this edition.

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The Pulse August 2018