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The Pulse provides a picture of what is happening within CSU with regard to learning technologies and analytics to enhance our knowledge, challenge our thinking and stimulate conversation about the use of technology/analytics in learning and teaching.  The Pulse is published three times a year and each edition explores a particular theme. The statistics and analytics are drawn from a range of sources within CSU including systems reports, surveys and case studies. Trends in Learning Technologies and use of Learning Analytics outside CSU are also highlighted.

Current Edition

Every 2 years, the Division of Learning and Teaching conducts a survey of academic staff on CSU's Learning Environments.  One aspect of this survey is learning technologies -- the technologies you use to help in learning and teaching.  This edition of The Pulse looks at the 2018 survey's results, comparing them to the results in 2016.

Some of the findings included more overall satisfaction with Interact2, an increase in use of external educational technologies (those not centrally supported by DIT or DLT), an increase in the desire for PD in creating interactive learning resources and adaptive learning technologies, and an increase in the positive attitude towards usability of NORFOLK, Interact2 adaptive release features and Adobe Connect (Online Meeting), among others.

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An accessible version of The Pulse is available in word format.

The Pulse November 2018

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