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Curriculum, Learning & Teaching Framework

Learning Connected to Life and Work captures at a glance the essence of what we stand for and what we do well at CSU in curriculum, learning and teaching. The framework illustrates how strategy and policy support the three elements that come together to produce CSU Graduates. It connects the dots and demonstrates how the large amount of change we are under-going at CSU works together to supports our primary goal of graduating capable professionals.

Learning connected to life & work

Degrees designed for graduate outcomes

  • CSU courses are aligned to standards & industry expectations
  • Assessment demonstrates achievement of professional standards & graduate learning outcomes
  • Assessment is authentic to graduate practice
  • Learning activities are online, flexible & practice-based
  • Feedback from learners & practice community is actively sought & actioned

Students & teachers connected for learning

  • CSU students are diverse in background & distributed in location
  • Student success is supported by social, personal, professional & academic connections
  • Learning environments located across campuses, workplaces, community & online are connected to graduate practice
  • Teachers include workplace & community mentors
  • Teachers are recognised for their teaching, practical experience & scholarship

Graduates succeeding in life & work

CSU Graduates are professionals demonstrating capabilities in:

  • Professional Practice
  • Academic Literacy & Numeracy
  • Information & Research Literacies
  • Digital Literacies
  • Ethics
  • Lifelong Learning

Agents of change demonstrating:

  • Indigenous Cultural Competence
  • Global Citizenship
  • Sustainable Practices

CSU CLT Framework | Approved July 2015

(Curriculum, Learning & Teaching Framework PDF)