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International Recognition For CSU’s Excellent Educators

In 2015, the Learning Academy, Division of Student Learning, sponsored a number of academics to register for the Higher Education Academy (UK Fellowships). The HEA Fellowship provides international professional recognition of experience and expertise in university teaching.

CSU’s inaugural Fellows, who successfully fulfilled the HEA (UK) requirements are Professor Joy Higgs who is CSU’s first Principal Fellow.

We extend our congratulations also, to ten Senior Fellows: Drs Barb Hill, Carolyn Woodley, Pam Roberts, Narelle Patton, Jenni Munday, Deborah Clarke, Lindy Croft-Piggin, and Associate Professors Elizabeth Thomson, Ben Wilson, and Michael Curtin.

Fellows are required to demonstrate successful engagement across five main areas of activity, all aspects of core knowledge of teaching and learning, especially in relation to the relevant discipline, appropriate methods for teaching and learning in that discipline, a demonstrated commitment to professional values, successful and significant involvement in relevant professional development, a highly integrated approach to academic practice that is clearly informed by professional practice, relevant research and/or scholarship related to teaching; and successful co-ordination, supervision, management and/or mentoring of others in relation to teaching and learning.

The CSU cohort was mentored by Dr Beth Beckmann, Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow and Co-Chair of the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme.

Our CSU Fellows will act as mentors to the 2016 HEA Fellowship applicants.