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PBE Showcase

What is the PBE Showcase?

The PBE Showcase is a nest of webpages within the EFPI website that celebrates and promotes good practices in practice-based education (PBE). The Showcase provides inspiration and guidance to achieve excellent PBE. It is a place to visit regularly as it evolves and is updated. Officially launched at a videoconference on July 8, the PBE Showcase spotlights:

  • exemplars of good teaching and learning practice
  • inspired thinking around the challenges and opportunities that PBE offers
  • visionary leadership interviews with senior university staff, like Professor Andy Vann, about PBE at CSU
  • debates, initiatives and challenges highlighted during our annual PBE Summit.


Exemplars are currently being developed across all Faculties and will appear on our website in the coming months. Inspiring exemplars are being discovered in many ways:

  • through EFPI talking with CSU staff and discovering exciting practices they are using in their courses
  • by people letting us know about their innovative practices.

Four exemplars in the PBE Showcase are now live. More are planned for publication in 2016.

Virtual pharmacy

Our latest exemplar is a simulation-based learning strategy specifically designed for student pharmacists. Through role-play, students are able to develop and enhance their professional communication skills by interacting with computer-generated virtual patients. Encompassing three screens, the virtual pharmacy displays a different part of the pharmacy and the activities and noises taking place there, allowing the students to better prepare themselves for the environment in which they will be working. This exemplar was developed by A/Prof Maree Simpson.

Community partnerships

This exemplar focuses on community partnerships and service learning. The program helps first year students develop foundational interpersonal skills which are integral to their journey to becoming a healthcare professional. Undertaken in a not-for-profit organisation, the program enables students to develop the skills of reflective writing, critical thinking, problem solving and ethical decision making. More information about Dr Judith Crockett's exemplar can be obtained from the EFPI website.

Visual spaces

Dr Narelle Patton developed the exemplar of visual spaces. Her vision was to create a space where students could collaboratively imagine, explore and extend their knowledge of professional practice and practice-based education (P&PBE). Developed as a group learning task, students were asked to use photo-elicitation techniques to construct a shared understanding of P&PBE. Photographs of professional practice and PBE were taken and shared amongst the group, accompanied by descriptive notes about what they depicted. The group collaborated via group wikis, blogs and discussion boards, providing thoughtful and insightful comments about each other's photos, and demonstrating their ability to construct new understandings of P&PBE.

Pedagogy of art

Our first "good practice" exemplar highlights a program implemented by Dr Donna Mathewson Mitchell in the School of Teacher Education. Donna's activity was developed for a group of distance education visual arts students, which enabled them to engage with practice, make theory more meaningful and connect with the community. Students experienced the project in a virtual classroom as well as in a professional student art exhibition.

The PBE Showcase team is being led by Dr Narelle Patton Dr Katelin Sutton and supported by Ali Saad (video producer). If you have any suggestions or ideas, we'd love to hear from you.

Inspired Thinking

This section currently contains all the Think Pieces developed by EFPI staff as part of the DSL Think Piece series.

The topics focus on the themes designated by DSL:

Dr Narelle Patton Blending PBE and online learning
Professor Joy Higgs Re-thinking blended learning
Prof Franziska Trede Pedagogies for professional practice graduate learning outcomes
Professor Joy Higgs Students' pursuits of graduate learning outcomes
Prof Franziska Trede CSU students and staff's use of technology in workplace learning
Dr Narelle Patton Smart learning and practice-based education in shaping professional practice capabilities
Professor Joy Higgs Professional education and practice-based education: Exploring the differences in university education.