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Online Learning Model

The Online Learning Model consists of a set of elements designed to increase student engagement, retention and overall satisfaction:

The model broadens Moore's (1989) notion of interactivity to one of engagement, incorporating learner engagement with the teacher, peers, content, community and the institution to ensure a fully connected student experience.

To learn more about the Online Learning Model and how you can use it to enhance your teaching practice and the student experience, head to CSULX - CSU's Online Learning Exchange. There, you'll find a range of resources, including:

  • Overview - an outline of the model and literature review summarising the research underlying its development, including a quick summary (2 pages) for those short of time.
  • Strategies - that relate to each of the OLM elements that can be applied in your own teaching context.
  • OLM Mixer - an interactive tool to help you determine your current level of practice in each of the OLM elements, and assist in planning future developments to suit the needs of your subject.
  • Applications - of the OLM within subjects, including case studies that incorporate a range of strategies to suit particular learning and teaching contexts.