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Scholarship in Online Learning

Scholarship in Online Learning (SOL) involves the scholarly examination of teaching and learning programs, projects, theories, practices and experiences within online environments. You can find out more about opportunities to be involved and receive support in SOL on the following sites:

  • Scholarship in Online Learning - u!magine offers a range of activities whereby staff can share ideas, knowledge and experience in scholarly research on online learning. Such activities include the provision of professional learning opportunities, hosting face-to-face and online events, building scholarly networks and partnerships, and facilitating access to new ideas, practices and technologies across the university. u!magine's scholarship in online learning program is designed to establish 'communities of scholarly practice' that act as a catalyst for innovation and engagement in online learning, and builds CSU's capacity as a leader in online learning research and publication.
  • u!magine's Scholarship in Online Learning Group (SOLG) is a community of practice designed to support scholarship in online learning design, and online teaching and learning support at CSU. This group includes academics from all disciplines, educational designers, educational support staff, and educational technology researchers and HDR students. If you are interested in engaging more deeply in the scholarship around your practice as an online educator, consider joining this group.
  • u!magine's SOLG partnered with CSU's Adaptive Learning & Teaching Services team in May 2017 to establish the Learning Analytics Research Network (LARN). LARN aims to connect academics, educational designers, learning support and IT staff and researchers at CSU to foster cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research in the field of learning analytics. There are substantial opportunities for research and innovation in this field. If you are interested in finding out about how you can use learning analytics to support your teaching, visit Learning Analytics @CSU and subscribe to LARN announcements.
  • Learning Academy - takes on broader responsibility for Scholarship in Learning and Teaching and can provide advice about learning and teaching grants, peer evaluation and teaching awards.