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Strategic Directions

Online Learning is a central component of CSU's strategic direction for 2017-2022. In October 2014, Destination 2020: A Road Map for CSU's Online Future was developed to provide strategic direction to CSU's approach to online learning. This document positions CSU's online strategy within the University's overall directions in learning and teaching, and introduces the Online Learning Model (OLM) as CSU's distinctive approach to online learning. Complementing this is the CSU Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) initiative, which focuses on raising online learning standards in all subjects through three key performance indicators related to online learning.

The Online Learning Model has been evaluated and refined following a series of pilots in 2015-16 and a wider implementation of the model across 8 courses in 2016-2017. The enhanced Online Learning Model now includes an overarching philosophy of flexible engagement, supported by 7 key elements: learning communities, interaction between students, teacher presence, interaction with the professions, flexible and adaptive learning, interactive resources and e-assessment. It forms the foundation of CSU's Transform Online Learning (TOL) project, which is a key initiative in CSU's 2017-2022 Strategy.

The Transform Online Learning project aims to:

ensure that CSU continues to maintain a sector leadership position and to grow online learning into the future through transformative innovations in student learning experiences, student recruitment, course and subject design and development, and teaching and student support.

Further information about this project, its key features and developments can be found on the following sites: