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Peer Review for Promotion

Peer Review is a requirement (Clause 23 of the reviewed academic procedure)  to provide evidence to support claims for teaching achievements for teachers and course and subject leaders when preparing an application for academic promotion. The structured Peer Review process offered through DLT will provide evidence of effective teaching, subject and course design practice, and/or assessment and benchmarking to support your application.

The broad learning and teaching areas that would be appropriate for the Promoting Learning domain of a promotion application are:

  1. Alignment of teaching practices with teaching philosophy
  2. Effectiveness of teaching activity as evidenced through student engagement and outcomes
  3. Effectiveness of curriculum and assessment design and development
  4. Evidence of command of content in the discipline or field
  5. Development of teaching based on feedback from sources such as students, peers, profession and/or community
  6. Scholarly approach to learning and teaching; scholarly outcomes from research on learning and teaching
  7. Effectiveness of leadership in learning and teaching
  8. Recognition of contribution to learning and teaching
  9. Other areas relevant to institutional priorities

It is recommended that you evidence at least one of the following areas of practice for your Peer Review for Promotion.

You may have your Peer Review completed by a discipline area reviewer, a learning and teaching specialist or a reviewer external to the discipline from the approved list of CSU Peer Reviewers.

For further information on organising your Peer Review see Information for Peer Reviewees.

To request a Peer Review contact

Other sources of information

Information for Reviewees

Information for Reviewers

Peer Review Templates and Resources

The CSU Quality Learning and Teaching Standards may be used as guidelines to focus specifically on Engagement/Retention Standards, relevant Academic Policy, Online Standards and Course Design Standards using CourseSpace.

The Dimensions of Teaching should inform the process of Peer Review of Teaching Practice.

For further information on Peer Review for Promotion, contact the Division of Learning and Teaching.

Guidelines for Peer Review of Teaching Practice

The Peer Review of Teaching Practice Report Template is used to record details of the teaching practice being reviewed and the reviewers' observations and comments. It also outlines the Dimensions of Teaching.

Guidelines for Peer Review of Course Leadership & Design Practice

Peer Review of Course Leadership & Design Practice provides Course Directors, Heads of School and other managers, including academics undertaking leadership roles in course design the means to document and report on their course practices in promotion applications. The Course Leadership & Design template and accompanying notes for this Report are designed to recognise multi-faceted aspects of the two main components of Leadership and Design in their roles. Note: This review template can be used as Peer Review evidence for promotion for applicants whose primary focus may be teaching, and who do not meet all the listed criteria on this template.

Guidelines for Peer Review of Subject Design Practice

Peer Review of Subject Design Practice is framed around four key areas of subject design: Assessment for Learning, Learning Resources, Learning Activities and Learning Support. Review templates are available for each of these areas. Peer Reviewees may choose one or more subject design areas with five dimensions of each area to be reviewed.