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Advanced HE (HEA) & HERDSA Fellowships

The Division of Learning and Teaching is able to provide ongoing administrative support for CSU staff wishing to apply for academic Fellowships which recognise their achievements in their respective fields.

DLT commenced actively supporting Advance Higher Education (formerly HEA) Fellowship applications in 2015. In this time thirty seven CSU staff have been awarded Fellowship status.

Commencing in 2018, in order to provide staff with more options and opportunities, the Learning Academy now also supports applications for Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australiasia (HERDSA) Fellowships.

Guidelines for choosing Fellowships

The principal differences between the Advance HE and HERDA Fellowships are outlined in the below table.

Advance Higher Education (Advance HE) UK Fellowships Scheme

Higher Education Research & Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) Fellowship Scheme

Who is the Fellowship’s target audience?

  • Advance HE Fellowship demonstrates a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education.
  • Includes four categories -  Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow

  • The Fellowship Scheme is for HERDSA members who are academics or leaders and have made a significant personal commitment to the improvement of teaching and learning in a tertiary education context.
  • Fellows come from a range of positions including discipline-focused academic, educational developer, student support, or leadership roles.
  • Includes two categories – Associate Fellow and Fellow

Status: Why obtain a Fellowship?

  • Provides international professional recognition of experience and expertise in university teaching
  • Provides Australasian professional recognition of experience and expertise in university teaching


  • Fellowship provides individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning.
  • Fellowship Scheme offers HERDSA members an opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of practitioners and researchers interested in improving teaching and learning in tertiary education.
  • Fellowship Scheme seeks to improve the quality of educational practice through critical reflection, recognize and reward good educational practice and offers an avenue for peer collaboration among the community of Fellows and Associate Fellows.


These prices are for 2017/8 and may be subject to change.

  • Associate Fellow - £100
  • Fellow - £200
  • Senior Fellow - £300
  • Principal Fellow - £500
  • $165 annual HERDSA membership
  • $110 initial fee to HERDSA
  • $250 portfolio assessment fee

Mentor support?

CSU Senior Advance HE Fellows are assigned as mentors to applicants

HERDSA provides mentoring support - you are assigned or can select a HERDSA Fellow as a mentor

Steps in the application process: What is involved?

  1. Nominations from Faculty Sub Deans Learning & Teaching
  2. CSU Senior Advance HE Fellow assigned to mentor applicant
  3. Prepare draft of application that addresses the Advance HE criteria
  4. Participate in CSU workshop (Bathurst or Wagga Wagga) to provide feedback on draft application
  5. Action feedback and prepare final application
  6. Fellowship outcome
  1. Join HERDSA ($165 annual membership)
  2. Apply to be an Associate Fellow (Application form & two page CV, $110 fee)
  3. Work with an assigned or self-selected HERDSA mentor to produce your portfolio that addresses the seven (7) Fellowship criteria
  4. Submit your portfolio for assessment ($250 assessment fee)
  5. Receive assessor feedback and revise your portfolio (if needed)
  6. Fellowship outcome

Who assesses applications?

The Higher Education Academy (UK)

Two accredited HERDSA assessors send recommendations to the HERDSA Executive Committee for final approval

How long does it take?

  • July - Early August Sub Deans nominate Faculty staff
  • Early – Mid August mentoring support is provided
  • End of August first draft submitted
  • Mid - End of September Feedback provided
  • End of October Final application submitted to DLT
  • Late December/Early January outcome of assessment from HEA

Allows flexibility:

  • Two years to prepare a Portfolio under the guidance of a mentor.
  • Assessment of portfolio occurs within four weeks of submission

What are the benefits of the Fellowships?

Advance HE Academy Fellowship is a snapshot of your teaching and learning contributions at a specific point in time.

  • Consolidates personal development and evidence of professional practice in your higher education career;
  • Demonstrates commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection and   development;
  • Identifies your expertise with the entitlement to use post-nominal letters (AFHEA, FHEA, SFHEA, PFHEA)
  • Provides a valuable measure of success and is increasingly recognised by internal   institutions;
  • Is increasingly sought by employers across the education sector as a condition of appointment and promotion.

HERDSA Fellowship provides ongoing professional learning and scholarship opportunities within the field of higher education.

The Fellowship Scheme provides opportunities for:

  • Personal and professional development;
  • Connections: collegiality and collaboration; and
  • Recognition of achievements for career advancement.

HERDSA Fellows and Associate Fellows become part of a vibrant network of scholars who are able to engage in professional development and serve HERDSA and the broader tertiary education community.