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Advance Higher Education Fellowships

The Advance Higher Education Academy Fellowship provides international professional recognition of experience and expertise in university teaching. Fellows are required to demonstrate successful engagement across five main areas of activity;

  • all aspects of core knowledge of teaching and learning, especially in relation to the relevant discipline, appropriate methods for teaching and learning in that discipline,
  • a demonstrated commitment to professional values,
  • successful and significant involvement in relevant professional development,
  • a highly integrated approach to academic practice that is clearly informed by professional practice,
  • relevant research and/or scholarship related to teaching; and successful co-ordination, supervision, management and/or mentoring of others in relation to teaching and learning.

The Advance Higher Education Fellowship provides international professional recognition of experience and expertise in university teaching and demonstrates a commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection and development. If you are looking for more information on the Fellowship scheme, please refer to this FAQ.

Fellowship Levels

Advance HE Fellows are recognised in four principal categories, reflecting a wide range of practical educational experience. Please discuss with your respective Faculty Sub Dean Learning & Teaching and/or Kogi Naidoo which level of Fellowship is best suited to your level of experience;


If you are able to provide evidence of effectiveness in relation to your professional role which will typically include at least some teaching and/or learning support responsibilities, by applying for Associate Fellowship you will present an understanding of specific aspects of effective teaching, learning support methods and student learning.


If you are able to provide evidence of broadly based effectiveness in more substantive teaching and supporting learning roles and can demonstrate a broad understanding of effective approaches to learning and teaching support as a key contribution to high quality student learning.


If you can demonstrate a thorough understanding of effective approaches to teaching and learning support as a key contribution to high quality student learning. You may be an experienced member of staff able to demonstrate impact and influence on other colleagues through, for example, responsibility for leading, managing or organising programmes, subjects and/or disciplinary areas.


If you can demonstrate a sustained record of effective strategic leadership in academic practice and development and you are highly experienced with wide-ranging strategic leadership responsibilities in connection with key aspects of teaching and supporting learning.

Advance Higher Education Access Membership

In 2018 the Learning Academy, through the Division of Learning and Teaching, purchased full Access Partner Membership rights for the Advance HE Fellowship scheme.

The main benefits of Access Membership to CSU staff are as follows:

  • Reduced cost (50%) of application fees
  • Access to AHE facilitated networks, communities of practice and expert groups
  • Access to AHE Learning & Teaching Resources and Virtual Learning Environment
  • Free webinars about latest research and policy

In addition, the experience and expertise gained by CSU through our engagement with the Advance HE scheme, in particular as represented by our cohort of Fellows, allows us to support Fellowship applications through:

  • Active mentorship by accredited Advance HE Fellows
  • Provision of workshops detailing the application process and providing ongoing feedback
  • Ongoing administrative support

For more details on Access Membership please visit the AHE site


Advance Higher Education accreditation provides educational institutions with external confirmation that their professional development provision is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).

CSU staff applying for Advance HE UK Fellowships are mentored by CSU Fellows, with administrative support provided by the Learning Academy. Final applications are submitted to the Advance Higher Education Academy (UK) for assessment.

Since CSU commenced supporting Advance HE Fellowship applications in 2015, forty-two staff have been awarded Fellowships.


Staff who are interested in applying for the Advance HE Fellowship, please contact DLT Admin for further information.

The 2019/20 application fees for Access Members, associated with each level of Fellowship application, are as below (please note these costs may be subject to change);

  • Associate Fellow     £100
  • Fellow                      £200
  • Senior Fellow          £300
  • Principal Fellow       £500

For more information on the AHE, please visit the Advance Higher Education Academy website

Resources for Advance HE Fellowships

Key Dates and Processes for 2019*

Advance HE Fellowship Applications 2019 Timeline

25 March

Call for Expressions of Interest.

Closing date: 12 April

15-30 May

Confirmation of applicants for 2019 and matching of mentors. Online information/PD session: Fellowship requirements, timeline and submission process

May-June (8 weeks)

Writing initial drafts with feedback from mentors and Fellowship peers (2-3 drafts)

Mid-end July

Campus-based workshops to review working drafts and assess progress (as needed)

30 August - 6 September

QA completed 27 September

Submission of final drafts for review by Fellowships Quality Assurance team: Applications that are considered not meeting requirements for the nominated Fellowship level may be recommended to submit at a lower level or be recommended further development and delayed for submission in a future round


Due 31 October

Revising and re-working of applications, incorporating feedback provided by the Quality Assurance team. Final applications submitted to DLT office

8 November

Commence submission of final applications, along with completed Supporting Statements, for final QA by Chair, Awards and Grants Committee

9 December

Commence uploading of submissions by applicants on the Advance Higher Education web portal (detailed instructions will be provided).

*2020 Dates will be announced soon