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Think Pieces 2013

In 2013 we enter a new conversational space as we shift our attention to delivery and exit standards, practice based and distance education as the lexicon and "anchor" for learning, digital literacies, scholarship. We'll also re-invigorate and strengthen cultural competence, learning- and learner-centredness; pedagogy, and criterion-referenced assessment.

The theme of the Think Pieces project in 2013 is "Practice based and distance education at CSU". This theme is broad enough for "open", "online", "blended", "student-centred", "flexible", "educational technology", "learning design", "smart learning" and other key and interesting learning and teaching concepts and challenges to be explored though this project.

The Think Pieces 2013 Project provides an opportunity for an ongoing, open dialogue about how some of the CSU community are thinking about the challenges and opportunities.

Each think piece will be no more than 5-6 minutes.

Yammer, What's New and the Interact site "About ICT Integration" will be used to promote Think Pieces 2013. Yammer will be used to encourage dialogue.

The host of this project is Assoc. Prof. Philip Uys, Director, Learning Technologies in the Division of Student Learning.

Due Date Presenter Focus
June 15th Philip Uys Introduction to Think Pieces 2013
June 30th Garry Marchant A Unique CSU Model for Learning and Teaching
July 15th EFPI

CSU Students and Staff's Digital Practices in WPL

July 31st Alan Bain

The Elephant in the Online Learning Space: Implications for CSU

August 15th Tim Klapdor The Changing Context of Learning
August 31st Barney Dalgarno Polysynchronous Learning: A Model For Student Interaction and Engagement
September 15th Carole Hunter Digital Literacies

 September 15th

Joy Higgs Professional Education and Practice-Based Education: Exploring the Differences in University Education
September 30th Louise Hard and Harriet Ridolfo Leading Online Course Innovation: Challenges, Responses and Outcomes
September 30th James Brann Across the great Digital Divide: How our expectations and technology are failing our low SES and students in remote areas

 October 15th

Julia Coyle Connecting Practice: Disrupting Ourselves Through Explorations of Integrative Social Pedagogy
October 15th Judy O'Connell Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovation: Leading Into the Future
October 31st Andrew Vann Response to Pieces and Thoughts for the Future